MGM Electric Motors celebrates 10th anniversary!

MGM Electric Motors celebrates 10th anniversary!

During these 10 years MGM North American branch evolved: starting from common distributor, it becomes protagonist in north American market, with a proper staff of Engineers who work even locally in case of necessity or support to distributors and main customers in Canada and US.

MGM Electric motors is the main result of a great worldwide success: his history is made by challenges, efforts and successes of course.

Obtaining cCSAus certification has been of course the first step to this big result, by which everything has been possible, as well as the decision to produce NEMA motors together with standard motors, and of course obtaining CSA homologation in our laboratory in order to be able to make internal security and efficiency tests in full autonomy.

The great quality of MGM motors is measured also on this.

To celebrate this event, MGM moteurs Electriques director, Eng. Salvatore Mantuano, organized a party, with the presence of Mrs. Lucia Ghieri and Eng. Edoardo Ghieri, inviting all the employees, including the first employee of the branch and several others important guests.

We wish for the future to celebrate thousands occasions like this!