Customs Project.

We completed the project “Customs in Company”

After obtaining AEOF certification in 2011, MGM started, few weeks ago, to operate in customs domiciliation procedure with an internal customs warehouse, and it obtained the status of Authorized Exporter and Shipper.

- Authorized Economic Operator – Reg. Ce 187/06: Community recognized certification (already shared by many other European Partners) which guarantee the reliability and the security on international logistic chain.
- Domiciliation Procedure – Reg. Ce 2913/92: thanks to this benefit the goods don’t pass the customs. Company can provide directly to customs declaration, as direct owner of the authorization. The time for this customs operation is reduced to 10minutes for export.
- Authorized Exporter Status – Reg. Ce 2454/93: this authorization allows to “declare the preferential origin” of the goods directly on commercial invoices, replacing the EUR1.

AEO certification offers several advantages, as:
- further simplifications and better relationship with customs authorities;
- essentially cut off of controls and higher speedy for customs operations;
- possibility to choose the place where doing the customs clearance;
- international reciprocal recognising of certification of customs liability and security;
- security growth up and better communication between the logistic chain parts.

Customs clearance procedures offer several advantages as:
- customs clearance in our warehouses, avoiding the transit of the goods at customs;
- arrange customs declaration in real-time;
- Telematic dialog with the informatics system of Customs Agency;
- Receive “telematic customs clearance” directly from customs exit and in real-time, for export operation;
- Times for customs operation: sure and short.

Authorized Exporter Status offers these advantages:
- full control of origin declaration;
- declaration direct in the invoice of preferential origin of products, avoiding to issue EUR1 certification;
- awareness of own declarations