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M.G.M. Electric Motors
M.G.M. Electric Motors

MGM NEMA brake
motors available.
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MGM Product Line:

BA Series

BM Series

SM Series

M.G.M. - Motors Overview

MGM motors are asynchronous three-phase totally enclosed fan cooled motors.

M.G.M. Electric Motors
  • SMX Series is the standard series of high efficiency motors.

  • BA Series: AC/DC brake motor series (the engineered series)

  • BM Series: DC brake motor series (Motor plus a DC brake)

  • SMI Series is the built-in inverter motor series

MGM brake motors are designed and assembled as real brake motors. The perfect engineering and assembling combined with a strong and safe brake, make these motors very reliable.

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Feet are integrated in the frame (they are not attached to the frame) as standard on the IM B3 foot mounted motors. This feature is very important on those applications where the stress during start/stop requires a very sturdy motor.

SMX and SMI series are provided with IP55 enclosure rating (IP56 or IP66 available on request). BA and BM series are provided with IP 54 enclosure rating (IP55, IP56 or IP66 available on request). Winding Insulation class is F (Class H on request).

M.G.M. Electric Motors

All MGM motors are designed for inverter duty. On request it is possible to supply the motor with the encoder fitted on the ND shaft end or to have the ND shaft end ready to fit an encoder (E series).

MGM also manufactures Totally Enclosed Not Ventilated motors (S series).

Please refer to MGM general catalogue or to the special applications section for other motor series or options.

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