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Welcome to MGM Electric Motors North America

M.G.M. Electric Motors North America Inc. is a subsidiary of M.G.M. motori elettrici S.p.A.

M.G.M. Motori Elettrici S.p.A. is a family-owned leading company in brake motor manufacturing since 1950.

M.G.M. electric Motors North America Inc. is not only a primary source of metric motors but is also the main source for all those applications involving the use of a brake motors.

M.G.M. Motori Elettrici S.p.A. supported OEM companies in planning and manufacturing their machines for over than 50 years.

M.G.M. Motori Elettrici S.p.A. is now present in North America with a staff of high experience engineers to support the North American manufacturers with solutions to their brake motors needs. Our comprehensive range of MGM products offers each user the right brake motor for every task. The uncompromising quality of our products, all developed and constructed at our own plants, is the basis of our world wide success.

M.G.M. Electric Motors NA Inc. is able to provide a all in one solution with a wide range of gearboxes.


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MGM brake motors start and stop the world!

MGM electric motors move goods and people in ports, vessels, construction sites, airports, industrial plants, escalators, theaters and cine studios. They help in building and transforming things like paper, cars, metals, wood and in packaging, things that we use in our everyday life. There is hardly an area in the world today that can survive without the experience and knowledge of specific problems solving. We know how to start things and stop them at the proper time in the proper place.

It is hard to see, wear or use something all around the world whose manufacturing process does not involve an MGM brake motor.